Blog Rules & Etiquette

In an effort to enhance two-way interactive communication, the Hickory Grove Elementary School Parents Club is using tools such as this blog and other internet media. This blog is for the good of education; for students, teachers, administrators, staff, parents and the community.

We welcome and encourage your comments and feedback; however, this is a moderated blog. All comments are reviewed.  Initial comments from registered users are approved before they are allowed to be publicly posted.  Subsequent posts from registered users will be posted immediately but may be deleted based on the judgement of the webmaster.  To facilitate a constructive conversation that is beneficial to all stakeholders, the following guidelines will be enforced:

  • As an educational blog, consider the viewing audience when posting or commenting on issues. The blog moderator has the ultimate authority to determine the appropriateness of comments.  Not all comments may be approved and publicly posted.
  • All persons wishing to post comments must register with the website and provide email information.  This information will be kept private, but is essential to allow us to identify the commenter and to avoid spam comments.
  • No personal attacks on people who comment, individuals or groups will be allowed.
  • No profanity or inappropriate language will be allowed.
  • Posting of blatantly false or malicious information is prohibited.
  • Criticisms and opinions which do not add educational benefits or posting of unrelated or off-topics are strongly discouraged.
  • No advertising or commercials are allowed on this blog.
  • No private or personal contact information should be posted.
  • Only replies that are content-related will be approved.

Thanks for your consideration of blog etiquette!  If there are any questions about how we manage these issues, please email the webmaster.

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