Happy New Year!

As we start the second half of the school year, we are thankful for a strong board, involved parents, dedicated teachers and staff, and hardworking students. Our focus over the next few weeks will be to kick-off the inaugural Launch at HGES, our school’s annual space-themed carnival. Scheduled for February 22, our goal for Launch is to create a fun and educational experience for our children, while also raising money for HGES. At our January board meeting, we will be voting on our goals for the use of the proceeds from Launch. We want you to know that we take our jobs as stewards of money raised at HGES very seriously. Our funding policy states that “HGES PTO funds will be spent according to our mission to support and enhance quality education, to promote interest at HGES, and to further cooperation among administration, faculty, parents, and students of HGES.” We will be discussing using the funds for larger purposes within the school that cannot be accomplished at this point by the district, without these  additional funds.  Please check the PTO website, which now contains our funding policy, a copy of this year’s budget, and a copy of “How we spent our money in 2012-2013.” Equally important, in February, pursuant to our Bylaws, we will be appointing a nominating committee to begin working to create the PTO board for 2014-2015. We hope you will consider getting involved.

As always, you may contact us at president@hickorygroveparentsclub.com.

Welcome back!

Shelby Johnson and Jennifer VandeWiele

Co-Presidents, HGES PTO

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