Sept. 17 PTO meeting agenda

Hickory Grove Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization

General Meeting Agenda

September 17, 2013, 6:30pm

I. Call to Order

II. Guest – Mrs. Kelly Baily, school counseler

III. Principal’s Report – Jeremy Etnyre

IV. Officer’s Reports:

a) President’s Report – Jennifer VandeWiele and Shelby Johnson

Motion: To approve the Norms for the Hickory Grove Elementary

School Parent Teacher Organization, Inc. as outlined at our August

Special Meeting

• We will use our strengths to creatively work together towards the positive

enhancement of our students.

• We will be respectful , engaged communicators by actively listening, being

open-minded, and encouraging others to share their ideas.

• We will focus our efforts on raising funds for the staff and students of HGES.

We will utilize the funds wisely & efficiently.

• We will strive to be inclusive, welcoming and embrace diversity amongst all

families and staff through our PTO activities at HGES.

• We will report to meetings on time and be concise in order to respect

everyone’s time.

Motion: To approve the Funding Policy for the Hickory Grove

Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization, Inc.

Funding Requests:

Fifth Grade Field Trip – $1700

Table purchase – $500

b) Vice-President of Fundraising – Ann Baca

c) Vice-President of Membership – Mandy Radeline

d) Secretary’s Report – Nikki Pollard

Motion: To approve the Minutes from the May & August Meetings

e) Treasurer’s Report – Tanja Hands

Motion: To approve the Treasurer’s Report

V. Committee Reports:

Book Fair – Kendra Gray

Directory/Fall Fundraiser – Lara Metzger

Junior Achievement – Kris Jockisch

Room Parent – Lisa Eisman

Spirit Wear – Jayme Cekander / Jen Shanahan

Staff Appreciation – Jeanna Ross / Ashley Gleason

Yearbook – Amanda Streitmatter / Christine Myint

Library – Toni Beckman

Copy Coordinator – Marcie Gardner

Accelerated Reader – Sarah Anderson / Lillie Gillespie

Market Day – Amy Hoehne

Box Tops – Sarah Anderson

Restaurant Nights – Jennifer Dettman

SCRIP – Kathy Johnson

Culture Fair – Lakshmi Malalahalli

Social Events / Hospitality – Michelle Martin / Lorrie Preston

Project Impact – Janelle Harre

VI. Old Business

VII. New Business

VIII. Public Comment Period (5 minutes)

IX. Adjournment

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